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This is the gallery site dedicated to the work of DJ Sutherlin, novelist, songwriter and visual artist. Welcome, to all of our new visitors! Thank you and welcome back to all of our returning friends and clients! We hope you will enjoy your time here at our site. God bless you, each and everyone! ~The Flyinghorse Crew~
The New York City exhibition in Oct. went well. "The Gold Uni" was projected onto a Long Island skyscraper, that was incredible, thank you to those that made it possible!

Darkness and Light are waging a war

The confrontation between darkness and The LIGHT is upon us. You must choose this day whom you shall serve. Will you align yourself with the armies of darkness or The Army of The Light? May these works of art challenge your heart and mind to seek new understanding and new HOPE!

The Prince's Foundation for Children and the Arts- UK

This piece was donated to raise money for the Prince's Foundation. Art education is still important, maybe more so with the world in the shape it's in. For our friends and clients in the UK, we want you to know you are important to us, even if an ocean separates us. Be blessed!
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